Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pirate Girl - The Shadowed Crow - Zbrush Sculpt

Oh wow , it`s been so long since I bogged.
Times have been hectic, moved from the UK back to Romania thinking I`ll have to stay there for a while, then I got flown back to an interview, took the job and moved back again to the UK.

I`m currently, proudly working for Sony London Studios, so my spare time has gone down quite a bit.
With this in mind, I have still managed to complete a recent character I did for a few friends back at Hertfordshire University.

The project is called The Shadowed Crow and it`s a real-time animation/game trailer rendered in Cryengine.

I will post up about it and more info in the days to come.

For now I wanted to say Hi, to post some sculpts and revive my blog.

Thanks for reading whoever you lovely people are !

Monday, June 3, 2013

Next Gen Spider Queen Character.

Hey guys !

First and foremost I do apologise for the lack of updates on this blog, I promise things will change fast just right now I am caught between part time jobbing, university work (on MA project) and training (and dealing badly with some lower back injuries) and it`s just too much for now.

I thank you all sincerely who visit my blog and come back to it from time to time and also biggest thanks for all the emails/questions/fb adds/compliments and so on I get. I am humbled beyond words !

Ok getting to the technical part ...

Here is the final version of my MA Games Art character, produced at the University of Hertfordshire UK.
The aim of this project was to produce a high quality next generation character, rendered within UDK using dx11 and all of it`s features.

The final character count is around 110k triangles with legs and weapon. All accessories are modelled textured and baked individually off the character so they can be swapped and replaced.Assets have been separated according to materials in order to achieve a better tessellation control / set of items.
 Total maps are comprised of 3 x 2K map sets (one for the human bust,one for the spider body + legs and one for the leather and hanging assets) and 2 x 1K map sets (one for the metal parts and one for the weapon).

The sets are made out of a Diffuse, Specular + Gloss, Normal and Displacement map for tessellation. Two extra tillable textures were used for the skin respectively for the metal as a detail normal map.
The legs are done modularly, duplicating only a termination joing and a knee for more variation, other leg pieces are breakable thus being mirrored and flipped to achieve a useful modulation.

Software packages used were the following:
Zbrush - for Sculpting (all assets and character pieces were done here) and Texturing (base colours and spec map painting)
Photoshop - for further texturing (also for thumbnail creation, visual exploration, mockups, concepts,etc,
Maya - for proxy modeling,retopology cleanup, tweaking, Uv mapping, setting normals, setting uv islands, UV transfers.etc
Xnormal - for baking all maps and polypaint transfer
Headus UV Layout - for unwrapping and uv layouts
Topogun - for retopology Marmoset Tool-bag for rendering, previewing, adjusting maps, etc.

For any questions please feel free to email me at vickgaza[at]gmail[dot]com.
Thank you for viewing my Masters Games Character Project.

NOTE: All renders beneath are REAL-TIME renders in MARMOSET TOOLBAG
NOTE 2: Click images for full-view

Spider Queen Turntable from Vick Gaza on Vimeo.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Business Portfolio Online and Updated.

My new business portfolio is up and online, with recent updates:

Vick Portfolio @ 

So it has come to it, the reason why I haven't been posting up this freequent is that I have focused my work and time on my portfolio which is currently up to date and ready to send around to companies.

I will come up with more information soon, in the meanwhile I invite you guys to visit MY PORTFOLIO WEBSITE hosted on Dropr and check out what I have achieved so far.

Thanks all for the love and support,

PS. Some previews on my masters work here:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Workshop Progress

And it is DONE !
Oh sweet mother of sweet mothers ... DONE !

I need to shower and sleep and eat and maybe try to walk again, worked from 8 am to 4 pm today finishing this ape :) I`m kinda happy with it, ish ... but yea could have been better could have been worse !

Thank you people for visiting and please check my youtube channel for the tutorial on creating this monkey man. Well not a tutorial but a step by step kind of thing :D

Have fun and stay safe,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vick Gaza - 3D Games Artist - University of Hertfordshire - Masters Project Presentation

I`ll be doing a next gen character and a next gen enviro with bioluminous custom made plants, all rendered fulltime in UDK using DX11 goodies, from concept to sculpting to low poly modeling and retopology to texture and baking and so on.

Here`s a short, quite odd, youtube video that I made in which more is explained.

Please follow @vickgaza on twitter for stream links and if you would could share this around I would be very very grateful.

Thanks !

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So I started a Creature Sculpting workshop on CG Society by Bryan Wynia

... so I decided to take on a CG Society workshop led by Bryan Wynia, to learn from the best, on how to design some characters right ? 

The workshop is pretty much as he describes it in his video below,make 4 speed sculpts, render out views and paint-over thumbnails in Photoshop,  define one sculpt, poly-paint it and render it and rewind. 

Well I`ve f*ck all clue on what I want to do most times … so obviously for me at least, the best thing of this workshop was seeing someone else`s approach on the matter, and what I can say is that it`s a mixture of knowledge and happy accidents.

Visual vocabulary will feel your happy accidents and your happy accidents will feed your visual vocabulary … it’s as simple as that.

There’s no secret to it, be quick and loose at first, nail down as many variations as possible, paint them over, pick some, paint them over some more, pick one, go to zbrush and detailed it out, and rewind.

Just by doing it so trivially and so detached from rules and thoughts is really what helped me the most, not getting bogged down with questions and answers, but cutting straight to the chase, doing it right off the bat …

If it looks terrible, no probs, block in another sculpt, quicksculpt it, spend 1 hour per idea and that’s that … develop details after you pick what you like :)

As for the workshop itself, it’s not yet done, I`m half way through it, before Christmas I`ll make a vodcast and Crit it as honest as I can, but so far I`m loving it … and I`m a guy that hates spending money on knowledge and tutorials since 99% are actual sh*t wrapped  nice, but in all honesty, Bryan Wynia is beast.

Ok so in conclusion, I`ll stick to Bryans technique when developing my character for my final masters, I`ll do quick speed sculpts of various body builds and silhouettes  check out shape languages and everything as early and loose as possible and get to details after I thumbnail the hell out of my design choices. 

This is what I’ve done so far on his workshop, I can’t wait to finish it :)  
Thanks for reading, and sorry for the walls of text, soon they shall be replaced with other stuff that’s going to be more entertaining and more creative. 

 And then here, you can have some steps and processes :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012