Monday, October 31, 2016

Blurgha - The Beast (clay renders)

Here are some clay renders of my beast.

I`ve used Pixologic Zbrush for concept and sculpt and Keyshot for clay renders.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blurgha - The Beast (Real-time model)

So I`d like to present my latest real-time creature model done for "The Beast" competition hosted on Polycount by Allegorithmic.

My attempt was to bring a creature from concept stage all the way to production level and test out Substance Painter`s baking and procedural texturing capabilities on dense meshes with multiple UDIM`s.

After low poly was done, pretty much everything else was done in Substance Painter, baked perfectly in one go by playing with the Near/Far rays , then texturing was done mostly procedural (minus a few masks I had to paint myself) .

The mesh has about 100k triangles, re-topologised for animation with proper UVs, spread on 4 UDIMs at 4k texture-set each. I`ve used Pixologic Zbrush for concept and sculpt phase, Topogun for retopology , Maya for mesh cleanup and UV mapping and finally Allegorithmic Substance Painter for Bake and Texture. Rendered in Toolbag /  Marmoset 3 Beta.

Rigging and skinning done by my amazingly talented workmate Perry Leijten -

Special thanks to my buddies Joeri Vromman - , Ben Erdt  - and Daniel Ciorba for giving me vicious feedback and a mild form of PTSD.

Used Mega Scans for mud and log.
Background twigs/trees by  Karen Stanley -

I will post breakdowns and more renders soon !
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Beast pt. 2 (Polycount Contest - The Beast)

Hello again :)

I`ve decided to document the design and exploration process of my creature (that I`m doig for the Polycount contest and gather enough resources that I might make a little tutorial at the end if it turns out good enough and if I get to finish it (due to work being hectic at time).

As soon as I have more stuff to show I`ll post it with annotated explanations.

So far, I`ve used Pixologic Zbrush entrirely and Photoshop for some rough paintovers.
Here`s the state which I am at right now.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Polycount The Beast Challenge - My entry for the contest - Exploratory Sketches

I`ve joined Polycount`s the beast contest, so here`s a bunch of exploratory sketches.

Trying to find out the appropriate look and feel of my creature.
Done mainly in Pixologic Zbrush and some slight 2D corrections / overpaint.

The forum thread can be found here:

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