Monday, July 20, 2015

Some more hard surface zbrush sculpting practice

Hello again :D

This droid is an older work of mine, felt like it might still be worth putting it up online

Made as an exercise for fun, no particular outcome in mind, just to practice. I believe it was done during lunch breaks a while back ago.
I seem to have a growing passion for hard surface design but my obsession for production art keeps getting in the way of my doing more quick exercises for fun :D

Regardless, soon enough I`ll overcome that crutch of mine as well .
Finally, here`s a keyshot render of the Halo helmet from before. Really liked the "clay" look of  it so why not :D

Thanks for checking out my work, I really appreciate it.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Halo Fan-art - Locust Mech Helmet - Zbrush Hard Surface Model

Some recent hard surface practice. Felt like making a Halo fan-art / tribute piece as I`m a super fan of 343 Industries. Concept of the Locust / Mech like helmet belongs entirely to them. I just took it and did a practice run in 3D , and also butchered the design with my shitty observational skills.

Modeled/Sculpted inside Zbrush as a high poly exercise, first hard surface sculpting attempt ever really.
Have used Maya briefly for retopologising some pieces, as to compare with zbrush retopo speed.

I`ve used Michael Pavlovich`s tutorials from you tube in order to learn, as this was my first actual hard surface attempt and I didn`t even know where to start. I must admit it looks harder than it actually is.Scary at first but good thing Zbrush is a joy to work in :D
Rendered in Keyshot btw.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and will make sure I`ll post more often.