Monday, September 3, 2012

Crytek Art Test Wip

Some crytek art test assets for my school project...

Victorian Character

This is the latest character that I've been working on at the moment, hope you guys like it :) 

Studies and Illustrations

Hey guys so so sooo sorry for not posting stuff in a while, I`ll get back to posting regularly but this summer has been hectic :)

Here some stuff I've been working at lately, have been working like crazy, doing 3d art, 2d art and traditional sculpting :)
Got back into photography as well and so on ...

This is some of the 2d stuff I've done in the past two months :



Sunday, September 2, 2012

UDK Shader Tests

Tried some UDK shaders for the 1st time, trying tessellation shading networks and some vertex painting using both the old gen technique where vert influence gets averaged, and one with a noise map dictating borders. Also will have to add displacement to the shading network for more realistic results.

Some previews of tests :

Tesselation tests with and without a distance modifier.