Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long time no post ...

Oh my been caught up in between my studies, personal work, little comissioning and 3d school stuff, all ontop of bboy training which include a torn right meniscus (probably), a bashed rib and ball of the foot injury ... that I just had no time to properly post on my blog ...

Long story short, i've spent around a total of 80 hours on my 3d character so far, but decidet to redo the boots , so spent the last 2 days doing that, and today i've spent around 5,6 hours doing two color studies from photos using the rgb slider method.

I've been also drawing some portraits here and there and some space ships, and also working on an illustration I can't yet reveal.

For now, I`ll post some of my 2d work :)

More updates soon, and yea no more Research and Enquiry posts from now on, less chat more art work !

Here we go !