Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brown paper sketches

These are the last drawings I`ll post from Houston, TX.

I still have to post 2,3 A4 pages but won't as they aren't pretty good and I feel that I've recently level up my drawing skills and don't want to disappoint viewers haha :)

A few words about the technique I've "discovered" or more or less got into to.
While working on toned paper with a color like red or blue, for some reason I feel very loose and relaxed about what I draw so I just pretty much explored shapes and then just added details with white.

What's cool is that even though prismacolor colored pencils aren't really forgiving and erasing is an issue, for some reason I didn't really have the need to erase or correct stuff. Just went over the scribbles with a heavier red line and added "light" with white prismacolor pencil.

On a side note, from a methodological point of view, the reason as to why I've made so many profile dragons and none in perspective is that , from a design point of view it's easier just to design one half of a thing at a time, not really focusing on perspective but on shapes and design. Once a design/shape is found then it can be redrawn in perspective taking more time and being more careful about it, thus saving design time and getting more concepts done in less time. 



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