Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A little feature

Happy new year and let's get back to work :))

This is a first batch of drawings, done for fun here in Hoston, Texas away from my workstation.

The shift to tradtional media has been an amazing change, I learned so much, most important patience and the importance of having a strcutured logical approach, things we tend to go over and ignore while doing stuff digitally, being so easy to erase and/or undoo all the time.

This post will also serve as an inspirational entry, would like to mention one of my biggest inspirations so far, MR PAUL RICHARDS, the one and only, author of WWW.AUTODESTRUCT.COM

This guy is a beast, making the most amazing concepts i've seen, not only shining through design and idea, but the visual representation of his concepts is outstanding ...
I can only hope to one day be half as good as a designer/concept artist as Mr. Paul Richards, and then I can go die happy :))
There are tons of other images on his website, I urge you to check all of them out, save them on your hard drives, ipads, ipods and carry them around with you all the time. Whenever bored or not in a mood to draw, open his stuff up, get pumped and draw for 10 hours straight.

Ok and now some of my drawings, done with www.Autodestruct.com open in my browser, some elements are copied some are inspired and some are original with the stuff I learned from previous exercises (but all for educational purposes.)

All pages are A4, done with pencil and rubber and here and there some watercolor soluble 3b pencil.
Hope U like them as much as I enjoyed making them