Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ok time to get to the good stuff.
This is my 1st portfolio entry although this is still a beta verion of it.

This pretty much the 1st step, visual exploration and concepting on the fly, instead of drawing I just went into zbrush and started carving away. I loved this approach as I was able to just undo fast through failed design attempts and quickly develop other shapes.

Another approach I took into my visual exploration choice was to quickly render out a few poses and sketch over them into photoshop, just to get an idea of possible future accessories and items, without worrying about perspective issues.

The coolest thing is that after watching some Pixologic tutorials I've learned how to use DYNAmesh and how to basic hard surface sculpt.

Furthermore I've went through a Eat3D hard surface tutorial and beginning to understand advanced high poly hard surface sculpting withing z-brush.

It's nice for a change to relate to other current activities in the field of character artists, going quickly and efficiently through this blocking shape, playing with shapes and forms and having a fun relaxed approach on finding designs.

New stuff I've learned is DYNAmesh, hard surface polishing and re-looping techniques and the importance of multiple sub-tools withing a Zbrush workflow pipeline.