Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boots progress

A little bit of info regarding time management and why do I do sculpting the way I do it.

Unfortunately having both written and practice briefs and other additional personal studies going on time management is absolutely critical when it comes down to sculpting.

I've learned that it's better to block in shapes and stretch and tweak them when on lower subdivision levels and then detail the existing geometry after a quick polish at a high resolution level.

One of my biggest mistakes was that I was rushing and subdividing to higher levels and trying to add detail when the general shape wasn't at it`s best, lacking silouette expression, and thus it looks just as bad with or without details.

Another thing I've learned was that it's too time demanding to try and polish everything to a mechanical level when the actual size of the rollerblade is quite small when character is all visible.
Balancing how much detail and polish I add to an element and how big is that element with regards to the whole picture can change the time in which I finish the model. Adding too much detail to an area that will never be seen closely enough is useless and burns up energy and time.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the triangle count that can be held within a 1k/2k/4k normal map. There's really no point in adding 10 million triangles on a boot that will be uvmapped to 20% of a 1024x1024 normal map as barely 1kk triangles will shine through and remain crisp.

So in conclusion one very important lesson I've discovered the hard way through my mistakes, is to work low poly and get silhouette shape first, once happy subdivide and polish fast. After the whole model is polished to a satisfactory level, think about how big is that particular object, how much space will it take on the UV map and then go on to continue with detail on it or not. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some extra stuff on shoez

Not much to talk about this time folks, subdivided some more, polished some more, tweaked some more, smoothed some more ...

I`m learning to work faster and more efficiently but I`m still ridiculously slow ...

I've learned when to use flatten opposed to polish, or when to trim dynamic instead of trim and so on.
Next step is making some custom rivets and bolts for some finer detailing, after watching some reference artwork and tutorials of course :)

Now, back to sculptingz !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love harsurface

Ok some more updates on my character.

I've decided, in order to make it as complex as possible, to complicate myself even more and push it twards to versions, an armored version and an unarmored version of my mob.

Hoping to be able, by the end of this project, to show that I've a fairly good understanding of anatomy, both sculpting it and also texturing it, and hard surface sculpting and texturing techniques altogether.

I will later make a separate post with all the artists and artwork that have influenced and inspired me for this project, but at the moment I don't want to post my work and other artists work in the same thread, as not to confuse people.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Ok time to get to the good stuff.
This is my 1st portfolio entry although this is still a beta verion of it.

This pretty much the 1st step, visual exploration and concepting on the fly, instead of drawing I just went into zbrush and started carving away. I loved this approach as I was able to just undo fast through failed design attempts and quickly develop other shapes.

Another approach I took into my visual exploration choice was to quickly render out a few poses and sketch over them into photoshop, just to get an idea of possible future accessories and items, without worrying about perspective issues.

The coolest thing is that after watching some Pixologic tutorials I've learned how to use DYNAmesh and how to basic hard surface sculpt.

Furthermore I've went through a Eat3D hard surface tutorial and beginning to understand advanced high poly hard surface sculpting withing z-brush.

It's nice for a change to relate to other current activities in the field of character artists, going quickly and efficiently through this blocking shape, playing with shapes and forms and having a fun relaxed approach on finding designs.

New stuff I've learned is DYNAmesh, hard surface polishing and re-looping techniques and the importance of multiple sub-tools withing a Zbrush workflow pipeline. 


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Just some extra studies that I find worth publishing.
Lack of updates is due to the fact that I am currently researching and practicing hard surface techinuqes. I will post some progress on that matter ASAP. Just need to go over a few things before I can achieve the end result I want.

As a side note I might be buying some medically correct artists busts for a better understanding of anatomy, tho they are SO expensive, and to make things worse, shipping costs another bunch !

These are so important for character sculpting and painting that I think eating less in January might be worth it ...

Not yet sure but I am fully aware that one way of  making sure that my work fits industry standards is through good reference and good understanding of anatomical features. I`ll be hungry soon ...