Friday, November 25, 2011


Hey guys....

I know I haven't posted that much text in a long long time and just dumped images after images without any proper information regarding their purpose or meaning but all that is now about to change :)

We have recently been asked at Uni to log our work from a methodological standpoint, showing how do we approach today's industry needs and how do we prepare our practice to meet modern and next generation standards.

As some people have been asking me recently how do I go about my work, how and what I want to do after I graduate and so on, I will try  to answer as much as possible as many questions I can, through my own research and development for my Research and Enquiry brief.

As a beginning post I will just take the time to explain shortly what I aim to achieve by the end of my degree and how I plan to achieve it.

My first priority is to generate a highly detailed sculpted 3D character that will be later retopologised, reprojected, uv`ed with baked maps and showcased within a 3D game engine.
I will put high emphasis on incorporating hard surface mechanical elements within the organic masses of the character. As far as the character goes, it will be a male humanoid character with slight mutant deformations, slightly massive but far from the standard male hero bodystandard.

As a first approach regarding my methodology, I will spend time doing 2d studies on anatomy , cloth and hard surface objects while in paralel sculpting and concepting within zbrush.

These are thee of the recent studies done in order to better understand anatomy for my future character, the front and 3/4 view took to paint around 3-4 hours each and the back study took around 5. Photographies of sculptures were used as refference.

Updates will follow shortly.