Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lumina din lumina, breacdance adevarat !

"Tati nu ma atinge acolo" productions, impreuna cu asociatia striperilor fabulosi, prezinta cu mare mandrie, o productie proprie in haus si in parc, in colaborare cu pastorii ritmului melodic - Lumina din lumina, breacdance adevarat !

Soundtrack by Stickybuds - Bass Now VIP

Note: This was shot for fun on a Canon 7D camera in pitch blackness at maximum ISO. Sorry for the video quality and the grain but there wasn't much I could do. This is edited for fun and practice, and should not be taken seriously.

Special thanks to Bboy Gick (Stripperul) and Bboy Sebastian (Leul Onte) for the awesome night. 

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