Monday, June 13, 2011

Some of my recent photography ...

I`ve been secretly doing some photography here and there in my spare time.
These are some of the photos I've managed to edit so far.

I've been helping my friend Dani (click for his website) as a 2nd cameraman at a few weddings recently and I managed to take a few photo shots for fun. Special thanks for taking me on board.

I would suggest you also visit Dani`s Motionography Website and check out some of the stuff he does.
Prepare to be blown away though.

These photos are taken last weekend at the countryside. We left the city a bit for some heavy drinking and/or finding peace within nature.

As for the last three pictures, they are taken at the same place but different time, had a bit of fun with a portable 60x60 softbox and a 430 ex2 canon speedlite flash.

Will start working some more on lighting as soon as I manage to get some spare time.

As for the gear I use, just some entry level lenses such as 50mm 1.8, 28-105mm 3.5 , 8mm 3.5, 18-55mm 3.5 (kitt lens) and had some fun with a 11-18mm 2.8 recently, all mounted on a Canon 7D.

Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for visiting.


Unknown said...

Need a superlike button.
Cele cu mireasa: I'm love sick. ;))

Frumoase cadre!

Vick Gaza said...

Mersi frumos Nona :D Tre sa trag cadre frumoase sa pot tine pasul cu tine :)) Ca la langscapes si macro m`ai impachetat :))

Mersi again :*

Unknown said...

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