Friday, May 20, 2011

Feature - Daniel Ciorba - Videographer

I never featured anyone until now but thought it would be more than appropriate this time to feature my best friend, Daniel,  since he was nice enough to take me practice video shooting at an amazing wedding last weekend.

Daniel shoots weddings for over 6 years now, having around 5 years of experience as a steadycam operator. He also does cutting and editing of his videos and color corrections/post processing.

You can find him at , where you cand find more samples of his work, contact information, equipment information and specs,  and many many more.

I urge you to visit his website and check out the amazing things he does.

The following trailer is for the wedding I helped out shoot.
Though please keep in mind that my contribution to this trailer is extremely little, besides two or three shots taken from above, the entire trailer has been shot, edited and color graded by Daniel.

Magda & Adrian - Trailer from danielCiorba on Vimeo.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Some extra work I did at home for practice and/or commissioned.
I`ll be uplaoding some more stuff soon.

Thanks loads for visiting and for all the positive feedback I got recently from you guys and galls :D

Bless !