Wednesday, January 5, 2011

High Poly Sculpting

5:00 AM EDIT: Just finished the texture. This is a screengrab out of zbrush with levels/contrast fiddled around with in photoshop/ Also added glow to the eyes. Enjoy :)

Now off to sleep since I got work in 2 hours ...


Started from a poly sphere and worked my way up, then retopologized using Topogun to get better edgeflow and a cleaner mesh.
Reprojected all the high poly detail onto the low poly base mesh using Zbrush and sculpted some more, after which I started texturing withing zbrush.
This is still a WIP as I am about to bake out maps for a next gen pipeline. This sculpt serves both as a sculpting exercise and a next-gen pipeline integration excercise.
Modeling took around 5 hours, texturing around 3.

Will post some more as I come closer to finishing it.

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PS. Please click the images in order to view them in FULLSIZE.

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