Friday, September 3, 2010

The ?Sharkalisk?

The ?Sharkalisk? - 3D Game Model - Rendered in Marmoset Game Engine

Once Zbrush 4 was released, I wanted to start a project and keep it inside of zbrush for as much as possible, figuring out a work flow that would best fit me.

I've started with a zsphere armature on top of which I've added zsketch strokes. After I was satisfied with my zsketching turned into an adaptive skin and went on with sculpting.

Added wings and teeth and an inside mouth using GoZ feature and sculpted some more.

After I've finished my sculpting I exported the mesh and remade the topology within TOPOgun and reprojected the mesh inside zbrush.

Texturing and UV projection is made withing zbrush although I've taken the uv map and tweaked and relaxed it into Maya.

Final maps were baked out of zbrush and tweaked into photoshop.

Note: Final poly count is 10.340 triangles, obviously expensive even for a current/next gen mob character but I wanted to show a nice and clean seamless texture on a perfectly normal-baked character.

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