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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Robot character sheet

Finally finished after a ton of texturing and re-texturing and re-re-texturing.
Reason why this took so f-ing much is because I had to learn how to create some stuff for him in the process, meaning that I had to check out tutorials on normal , ambient occlusion, displacement maps, etc.

Final texture is made out of a color map, a specular map and a normal map, the colormap having an ambient occlusion map multiplied over it. Map sizes are 2k. Poly count is 13 300 triangles for the final model. The hi-res model was about 13 million.
Maya for modeling, Z-Brush for high poly sculpting, poly painting map baking (x normal was also used for map tweaks) and photoshop for texture tweaks.

NOTE: This was created as a workshop exercise on low poly game models. The concept idea was provided by the very talented George Munteanu aka GeMNT.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting,

Final presentation sheet:


Zbrush high poly version:


Low poly finished version with the old textures:


parky said...

foarte tare :)
sunt parky ai fost acum cativa ani la mine de revel ;) da-mi add: sebastian.miclea

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