Thursday, February 4, 2010

Photo Comeback

I know I've recently been slacking with the whole blog-folio stuff but things are hyper random at the moment.
My interview with Hertfordshire University is drawing closer and closer and I still can't seem to find any spare time to finish my portfolio. My current exams are fucking up all my spare time.
What's even worse is that I had to miss out on bboy training as well which is pissing me off like crazy.

On the brighter side of things, I've managed to draw a few croquis and male studies for my portfolio and almost finish up a low poly game character (which I will post up once I get a better texture going on).

On top of that I've made a few photos of my girlfriend using a flash as a main light source and a small silver board to bounce light off (which worked out like crap since the board was small and not that reflective). I did manage to throw in a color spot on the back wall though using a mini flash with an orange scarf on it :))
I guess I should buy a flash or two soon ...

I'll post up some of my other work soon, just need to find some spare time.
In the meanwhile enjoy the pics and thanks for reading and/or visiting,


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