Sunday, February 21, 2010

2D Studies

I have joined the "Crimson Daggers" for about 1 week and it's been a blast. I do a study every day for at least on hour, most of them though take waaay more than that.
I've also found a nifty tutorial on deviant art on how to digital paint from life which added up to my current exercises.

These were done as my 1st digital study exercise. So far I was hating the digital medium as far as 2d practice goes but becoming more and more proficient. These studies are from the tutorial I was mentioning.

Following these studies that took around 20 minutes for the  rock thingies and 2 hours for the light bulb, I've started actually drawing from life various objects around the house.


Also had an attempt to speed paint a landscape from a luminist painting which didn't quite turn out as I planned... 

And finally the piece of resistance ... I kind of pushed myself a little bit and attempted to master copy one of Malcom Liepke`s paintings. Took around 14-16 hours because I kept getting bored of it and slacked every 20 minutes or so. I`m quite happy with the final result even though proportion and color values are off more or less.
This particular study was also made as a token of appreciation towards my girlfriend whom I thank madly for all her support and kind words regarding my art struggle. Thanks babe :)

And this is the original painting done by the very talented Malcom Liepke 

And this is an animation with the step by step process is used for this study.

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