Sunday, February 21, 2010

2D Studies

I have joined the "Crimson Daggers" for about 1 week and it's been a blast. I do a study every day for at least on hour, most of them though take waaay more than that.
I've also found a nifty tutorial on deviant art on how to digital paint from life which added up to my current exercises.

These were done as my 1st digital study exercise. So far I was hating the digital medium as far as 2d practice goes but becoming more and more proficient. These studies are from the tutorial I was mentioning.

Following these studies that took around 20 minutes for the  rock thingies and 2 hours for the light bulb, I've started actually drawing from life various objects around the house.


Also had an attempt to speed paint a landscape from a luminist painting which didn't quite turn out as I planned... 

And finally the piece of resistance ... I kind of pushed myself a little bit and attempted to master copy one of Malcom Liepke`s paintings. Took around 14-16 hours because I kept getting bored of it and slacked every 20 minutes or so. I`m quite happy with the final result even though proportion and color values are off more or less.
This particular study was also made as a token of appreciation towards my girlfriend whom I thank madly for all her support and kind words regarding my art struggle. Thanks babe :)

And this is the original painting done by the very talented Malcom Liepke 

And this is an animation with the step by step process is used for this study.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Robot character sheet

Finally finished after a ton of texturing and re-texturing and re-re-texturing.
Reason why this took so f-ing much is because I had to learn how to create some stuff for him in the process, meaning that I had to check out tutorials on normal , ambient occlusion, displacement maps, etc.

Final texture is made out of a color map, a specular map and a normal map, the colormap having an ambient occlusion map multiplied over it. Map sizes are 2k. Poly count is 13 300 triangles for the final model. The hi-res model was about 13 million.
Maya for modeling, Z-Brush for high poly sculpting, poly painting map baking (x normal was also used for map tweaks) and photoshop for texture tweaks.

NOTE: This was created as a workshop exercise on low poly game models. The concept idea was provided by the very talented George Munteanu aka GeMNT.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting,

Final presentation sheet:


Zbrush high poly version:


Low poly finished version with the old textures:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fresh Town Get Down @ Scartz Timisoara

Even though I`ve been slacking lately as far as blogging goes I have been doing quite a lot of stuff which I'll upload in the future days.
I still haven't received a final date for my interview but some guys I know in the UK have already been scheduled so I`m guessing that international students are left for later dates.

As for the pictures, shot a week ago in Scartz, a local pub/bar here in Timisoara hosted by a close friend of mine, Dj Raffu spinning for the Fresh Town Get Down initiative. As a short review the place is quite small but friendly, with awesome decorations, cheap drinks, mad music and an awesome all-around vibe. Definitely worth checking out.

Short side note: I've taken these using a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and a Speedlite 430ex2 flash. Sorry for the grain but my Canon 450D isn't really a big fan of dark places/high iso settings.

Enough bla-bla-ing !
Enjoy the pictures, stay tuned for updates and thanks loads for visiting and supporting !

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Photo Comeback

I know I've recently been slacking with the whole blog-folio stuff but things are hyper random at the moment.
My interview with Hertfordshire University is drawing closer and closer and I still can't seem to find any spare time to finish my portfolio. My current exams are fucking up all my spare time.
What's even worse is that I had to miss out on bboy training as well which is pissing me off like crazy.

On the brighter side of things, I've managed to draw a few croquis and male studies for my portfolio and almost finish up a low poly game character (which I will post up once I get a better texture going on).

On top of that I've made a few photos of my girlfriend using a flash as a main light source and a small silver board to bounce light off (which worked out like crap since the board was small and not that reflective). I did manage to throw in a color spot on the back wall though using a mini flash with an orange scarf on it :))
I guess I should buy a flash or two soon ...

I'll post up some of my other work soon, just need to find some spare time.
In the meanwhile enjoy the pics and thanks for reading and/or visiting,