Saturday, January 9, 2010

Getting ready for Herts Univ.

These are some better drawings I've made lately. I've just laid them down and took a shot of the whole bunch.
The pastel on brown paper are A4 size while the ones on white paper are A3.
Each of them took between 2 and 4+ hours to make.
I`ve also started using  watercolors since I need to have some color work in my uni portfolio, these three are literally my 1st watercolor paintings so far so don't be harsh.
Slowly getting ready for D-day. I'm currently waiting for a reply from Hertfordshire University.
After that I'll have to hand in my portfolio and probably wait for an interview request afterwards.
Other than that I'm working like a fu*king machine, murdering myself with 3D modeling, digital sculpting, drawing and painting as much as I can while getting ready for my management exams which blow and are useless.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the wannabe-artwork.

NOTE: The images are quite big so click them for full view please.