Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sorry for the late update

Here are some extra studies I've recently done, they are all on A3 paper done in cheap HB pencil.
The muscle studies took quite a lot to finish, the back view took around 6-7 hours while the front view took around 4 hours.
Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

So sorry for the late update but my ISP just tortured me with a whole week of "We`re on it, a team will be there in a few moments and fix the problem"

Well back on track, here are a few of my latest drawings, done in pencil and in charcoal.
They are all made on A3 size paper.
The little gnome fellow is drawn after an illustration by Carlos Huante. I really liked him and tried to draw him bigger with pastel pencil. Credit to Carlos Huante for the concept.

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