Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updates updates updates

I've seen some blogs lately that really amazed me (as far as artwork goes rather than usual crap people talk about) and made me think of updating this blog to a more professional-ish level.

I've also been getting some commissions lately which is great, even though I end up charging way less than I should, but for art sake/safety sake/quality sake, why not ...

On the other hand I've also been drawing quite a lot lately since I'll apply to University in 2 weeks or so and need to get a traditional arts portfolio up and running.

Here are a few drawings, and more will come soon, once take a photo of them since they are too big to fit into a scanner.

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Adriana Corescu said...

esti fff talentat Victor..deci eu nu stiam k tu esti asa talentat..perfecte toate,superbe,incredibile...nah u get the picture:)) succes in continuare:)